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Joe's Jack Stock has donkeys for the person who is just beginning their 'collection' or looking to 'perfect their collection'. 

Many of Joe's Jacks
and Jennets are registered with the American Donkey and Mule Society.   Others are registered with the American Council of Spotted Asses (ACOSA). Most of the spotted jennets are registered with  ACOSA.  To keep it really interesting, some are registered with both associations. Oh yes, a few of the jennets are also registered with AMJR, the American Mammoth   Jackstock Registry." 

As one visits throughout the website registration papers can be viewed on particular stock.

Confessions of a Donkaholic


It all started innocently enough in 1987.  I bought two miniature donkeys as pets for my two young sons.  They were four and six years old and had never been handled. I was impressed with how quickly the donkeys became gentle, how quickly they learned, and what great pets they were. Within two weeks, the boys were riding them bareback in the pasture. By Christmas, I had two black mammoth jennets to ride and enjoy.  A few months later I found a really big jennet. Soon came a jack to save hauling them 50 miles to someone else's jack. And, as they say, it is just a hobby that got out of hand!


Today, the herd consists of over 30 black and spotted mammoth jennets, six mammoth jacks and several youngsters. The black jennets will average over 15 hands with the spotted ones a little smaller.  Many are daughters of Tex.  He has put very good heads, ears and dispositions on most of his foals.