NONAMI-   is a 15.3 hand black jack with a lot of Jen Jack breeding in his background. Jen Jack is considered one of the jacks instrumental in improving the size and quality of today’s jackstock. Nonami is an extra drafty jack with large bones, straight legs, and is especially well balanced. He produced some nice babies with size and balance. Nonami is registered with The American Donkey and Mule Society, see Nonami's Pedigree.

BUD- was primarily a mule jack and used on maiden jennets. He was purchased from Alvin and Billy Wright. He had a great head and ear, and one of the smoothest hips you will find on black jackstock. He produced some outstanding mule and mammoth foals. Bud is registered with The American Donkey and Mule Society, see Bud's Pedigree.

BERNIE- officially registered as Thomas’s Color to Burn, was a son of High Noon and out of a well-bred black jennet. He stood a little over 15.3 hands. We kept him for several years as a possible replacement for High Noon. Bernie (Thomas's Color to Burn) is registered with American Council of Spotted Asses, Inc,, see Bernie's Pedigree.

Larry (AKA Horseshoe Hills Bugsy) was a 15.3 hand, large boned jack built much like Nonami. We kept him in the herd until we had accumulated several of his daughters. He was then replaced by Nonami. He was also registered with The American Donkey and Mule Society , pedigree.

Previous Jacks


Tex has been the primary herd sire since 1996. High Noon entered the herd in 2002 and has been the primary sire for the spotted herd since then. However, a number of other jacks have been used in the breeding program to add some diversity in bloodlines. They have also contributed some good genetics to the Tex and High Noon babies and produced some of the stock still in the herd.